Current Repertoire

Wayfarers Charity Concert 2017

 The links below will direct you to the individual song pages, from which you can listen to or download our repertoire music. They are split between songs we currently sing, Christmas songs, songs we no longer sing and some that we will be learning in the future

Quartets are welcome to learn any of the songs they wish, including archived and future songs, providing that does not distract from learning our current repertoire.

Primary Repertoire

The songs below are those in our current (or future) repertoire.  Click on the relevant title to open a page from which you can listen to or download the teach tracks.

Christmas Songs


The following songs are currently not part of our rehearsal focus, but are available for quartets, octets and special requests. Some of them are so ingrained in our minds they can be easily picked up for performances.

Warm-Up Songs

The following are songs which have been chosen to use during our warm-up on rehearsal nights

Future Songs