Wonderful World

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Wonderful World

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Performance Notes

# The first 14 bars are an introduction arranged exclusively for the Wayfarers Chorus.

# The first 14 bars should be sung quietly throughout.

# Bar 14 is sung quietly,  The swell and fade is developed only when the echo, ‘to me’, has been established quietly.

# Bar 22. No breath between the two phrases. 

# Bars 27 & 28. A strong crescendo, followed by an immediate decrescendo to ‘as quiet as possible’ on bar 29.

# Bars 35 & 36 ‘bright blessed day’ sung brightly, hold ‘day’ slightly.

# Bars 37 & 38 ‘dark sacred night’   sung with darker sound, hold ‘night’ slightly.

# Bar 49 Sing quickly through ‘pretty in the’ Compare with Bar 53 ‘people going’ sung as slightly accented foursquare crotchets.

# Bar 57  There is a pause at the beginning of the bar and ‘howdya’ is sung loosely and informally with emphasis on the first syllable. 

# Bars 78 79 & 80 A moderate crescendo on ‘wonderful world’.   Then quietly right through to the end bringing the closing words to an extremely quiet fade out.