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Performance Notes

Generally the feeling is of ‘happy nostalgia’ A heartfelt, longing feeling, but happy that ‘we’ll be home soon’ rather than ‘ I’ll never get back again’ 

The timing is full of subtleties. We stretch and contract both words and phrases to make it sound authentic. ( It has got very ‘ploddy’ lately ). The written time values in the music can only give the bare bones of an authentic feel. Compare bar 3.’Lingerinmyhea….rt’.  with bar 11 ‘ a..ll theworldsaso….ong. Also for instance, bar 20  ‘justanoldsweeetso..ngkeepsgeorgia onmy mi..nd’ 

The song needs to begin and continue very softly. It needs emphasis on some emotive words and does swell here and there, but overall is very soft and gentle.

# Begins softly and remains soft through to and including bar 16 ‘belong’.

# bars 3.4. swiftly through ‘lingerinmy hea..rt.

# bar 7 very gentle on ‘did we’  Can get punched out if we’re not careful.

# bar11  stretch ‘a..ll

# bar 16  Sing softly right through. Do not swell. Note that tenors and leads have two musical moves, bass and bari follow with one more within the bar.

No breath after the bar, keep the sound continuous into the first ‘Georgia’ bar. 17.  with a slight swell.

# Bar 17  breath permitted before second ‘Georgia’, back off volume following the previous swell.

# bars 20.21  swiftly through ‘justanoldsweetso.ngkeeps’

# bars 23.24  first ‘mi…ind’  a significant Crescendo, slight pause and the echo ‘georgia on my mind as quiet as possible. This is an important effect and grabs attention so we need to do it well.

# bars 25.26. Georgia, georgia. No breath between, continuous sound.

# bars 28.29 Swiftly through ‘comesassweetandclearasmoonlight’

# bars 33 34     ‘Other arms reach out to me’  More resolute, both sound and posture, but not too loud.

# bars 35 36    ‘Other eyes smile tenderly’    Quieter again.

# bars 37 38   Swiftly through  ‘stillinpeacefuldreamsIsee’

# bars 41  42  Georgia,georgia as 25/26 ( bass moves underneath)

# bars 43 44  ‘no peace I find’  slight crescendo and hold on ‘find’ . Lead, very quiet pick up on ‘just an’ 

# bars 45 46  Swiftly through ‘oldsweetsongkeepsGeorgia’

# bars 47 48  A slow gentle crescendo on the final musical move (led by the baris) Trying to achieve a louder but still sweet sound that can be held as required.

#  tag 49 52  A final opportunity to give a real nostalgic feel. No breath between first two Georgias, slight pause before the third. A quiet finish. Leads and baris can give a slight decorative slide down on the final ‘Georgia’