Do You Hear The People Sing

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Do You Hear The People Sing

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The section below lists the moves which the chorus must perform during the song.

# Opening.

All turn to right on pitchpipe.

Turn sequentially to front; Leads/tenors– it is the MUSIC; Baris–when the BEATING; Bass–there is a WORLD.

# Start song at full volume with an emphatic beat.. continue till bass solo.

# Bass solo.     Leads sing supporting harmony softly behind basses.

Basses only- On first two phrases turn into each other showing individual enthusiasm until…

Turn back to front and engage audience on ‘it is the MUSIC… . Beat chest with right fist on ‘BEATING’ of your heart and ‘BEATING’ of the drums.

# All chorus sing really quietly on ‘They will live again…. emphasis on ‘chain will be broken… small closed fist gesture( low down) on first ‘REWARD’  three high fist pumps with outside hand on echo ‘have their REWARD. ( energy and commitment needed)

# Chorus three. Keep energy and volume high.

One foot stamp each bar on:  ‘JOIN’– ‘STRONG’–‘ ‘YOND’– WORLD’


(N.B.Tenors and Baris have an echo on the last lines but the stamp remains on the beat.)

# TAG.   Foot stamp stops.

Leads. Begin to raise left hand (open) on ‘that they BRING. This is before the other three parts make a move but is timed to coincide with and reach the top at the same time as the other parts. The other parts raise their right hands similarly but with three positive moves on their echo ‘THAT THEY BRING’

All arms are brought briskly down on the last half beat of BRING  (before the note on WHEN) .

# The next four moves are made alternately first by basses and then the rest of the chorus.

The move is a short, abrupt punching move with the outside hand which slightly turns the body inwards toward the centre.

The outer hip will move to follow. The outer foot may move a little, but be sure that you maintain a good singing position for the final notes.

The sequence is as follows:

  1. Bass–       Bar 42.  Immediately following the action of bringing the arm down from the previous move. (You’ll need to be very sharp)  ‘when toMORrow comes.

2.Other parts–Bar 43. toMORrow comes.

  1. Bass–        Bar 44 for US.

4.Other parts–Bar 44  toMORrow comes.

# Bar 45

On the final syllable of tomorROW. As the music slows. Bring the outside hand (open,palm up) slowly forward and centre, keeping it low in preparation for the final move.


Sing the final ‘comes’ very softly at first for 12 longish beats raising to full volume. Raise the outside open hand slowly curving upwards over all twelve beats. On a ’13th’ beat make a ‘triumphal flourish with the hand.