Something In The Way She Moves

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Performance Notes

A very quiet start. The quiet sounding of pitch and a very soft, breathy (not glottal) pick up by the basses is important.

# Bar 3. On ‘something in the way’ the chorus sways toward the centre to create a close intimate feel. 

# Bar 9/10 see note at 18/19

# Continue quietly up to and including bar 11 ‘oooh’.

# Bar 12. ‘ Somewhere in her smile she knows’. Chorus opens to normal position with a moderate increase in volume (not loud). A smile or more open expression beginning on ‘somewhere’ increases the slight change of mood.

# Bars 15–16. No perceptible gap between ‘other lover…and….’Something in her’.   

# Bars 18/19 (& 9/10)  Three parts balance against Bass solo. Basses pay particular attention to keeping the vowels on ‘how’ and ‘now’ open to the very end of the note value and focus on changing the diphthong absolutely together.

# Bar 22. ‘you’re asking me…..I don’t know’ A firmer sound. Louder but not too much.

# Bar 26  ‘you stick around…..I don’t know’ A quieter sound. Softer but not too much.

# Bar 30.  ‘something in the way she knows’ Noticeably, back to quietest level’.

# Bar 32   ‘All I have to do is think of her’    Very slight increase volume (as excitement stirs)

# Bar 34   ‘something in the things she shows me-ee. Some increase in volume but especially on ‘me-ee’ leading into a very firm declaration….

# Bar 36   ‘don’t wanna leave you now. You know I believe and ho-ow’. A firm and decisive expression, probably the loudest bit of the song but still not too loud.  The final ‘ ho-ow. begins loudly but is held and really softened as it is held.

# Bar 38 to the end.     The song is then sung very quietly to the end. The accuracy of notes and timing on the final lead echo is critical.