Happy Together

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Happy Together

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Sheet Music
Happy Together
Performance Notes

Not too much in the way of dynamics ( but see later note **) bright and happy throughout.

# Basses carry most of the burden of the verse lyrics , so they have the job of putting over the message. Sell the song. Confident individual gestures throughout should do it.

# Baris join the verse – section C bar 29 (a tricky ‘contrapunctal’ line) 

# Tenors and Baris join the verse – section E bar 45 (singing together ‘against’ the basses) 

# Baris join the verse – section G bar 62 ( this time in synch. with the basses)

# Bars 68 and 69. Tenors and leads followed by baris and basses. sing triplets ” hap-py-to”. We need to time them well and make the most of them. 

# The main challenge for the leads is remembering ‘the order of the doots’. I made an overview of the song which I found helpful:

section A,bar 5     doot pattern 1.          ends. ba.badaba.ba.ba.

     ”         bar 13   doot pattern 2.          ends. together.together.

section B. bar 21   chorus

section C. bar 29   doot pattern 2 rpt.     ends. me, so happy to, so happy, together

section D. bar 37   chorus

section E. bar 45   doot pattern 3           ends. me, so happy. to-ge- , together, ba,babada,babada,ba.

section F. bar 53   (8 bars ba.ba. doo doo etc.)

section G. bar 62   doot pattern 1 rpt.     ends.  be so happy together, be so happy together.

section H. bar 70    ( ba bas  and da das in all directions until the glorious finish.)

#    N.B. **    I’ld like to add a little dynamic interest at the point (both times) when the verse comes up to the chorus. I’ld like to back off and quieten the last two bars of the verses  (19/20 into 21 and 35/36 into 37) so that the first bar of the chorus can be given a little extra volume and brightness. Also I’ld like to sing the first bar of each phrase of the chorus

”  I can’t see me” and ” When you’re with me” as four square 4/4 crotchets with a slight separation, before gliding into the rest of the phrase ( e.g. I. can’t. see. me, lovingnobodybutyou..etc.)