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On Tuesday, 2 April, The Wayfarers Chorus joined ‘Choral Pavilion’ for their end of term concert in the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton. Wayfarers opened the show, with a 20 minute set and a much demanded encore. Then Choral Pavilion took to the stage for the rest of the show.

Choral Pavilion, part of the Simply Singing group, are a mixed choir who perform a variety of styles, some using backing tracks and some pure acapella. They are a large choir, with in the region of 100 members currently and, like The Wayfarers Chorus, perform on behalf of various charities.

This year, the nominated beneficiary of all money collected during the concert was Matthew Hurst, who regularly attends Simply Singing concerts.

Matthew has Cerebral Palsy which affects all four limbs & he also has Asperger syndrome. He can not weight bare what so ever and is confined to his electric wheelchair. His father, David, is his full time carer. At the moment Matthew’s only option when needing relief from sitting in his electric wheelchair all day is to sit on the floor. This is extremely poor for Matthew’s postural care & offers him no support for his neck, back & hips. If Matthew is left too long on the floor it can cause pressure sores.

The specialised chair the family want for Matthew is called a “Symmetrikit chair”. This chair will allow Matthew to sit comfortably out of his wheelchair and maximise pressure relief & promote good postural care. It can also turn into a supportive wedge, a bed and the chair is easily moveable around the home on wheels. His family are desperate for Matthews quality of life to improve.

At the concert, Choral Pavilion, with the support of Wayfarers Chorus, raised £707.55 for Matthew’s chair!!!! This is the most they have ever collected at a concert and Wayfarers Chorus are extremely pleased to have been able to help.

If you want to know more about Choral Pavilion, follow the link above. For more information about Wayfarers, just have a browse around this website. We always welcome new members and at the moment are particularly interested in people who would like to try singing tenor or baritone. To enquire about joining us, either send an email to info@wayfarerschorus.com or fill in our contact form.

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