MIB Wow The Crowds

On August 26, Men In Black were invited to sing at ‘The Crossfest’, a music festival held by The Cross House Inn in Formby.  This was a free event, held annually to raise money on behalf of local charities, one of which this year was Carla Lane’s ‘Animals In Need’.

Despite it being the summer holiday silly season a strong contingent turned up, with a particularly fine bass section who did their best to all fit around their microphone.

Although we normally sing without the aid of electronic enhancements, this concert was amplified and it was just as well as the crowds were certainly enjoying the rare hot weather (and the beer).  There were plenty of families in attendance and the children were making the most of their sugar rushes.

After a fairly lengthy technical break and a duo it was the turn of MIB.  Sound tests were carried out, microphones strategically positioned and our conductor for the day (David Andrew) perched on the edge of the stage.  We had been asked to do 45 minutes, but advised the organisers that may be a little too long for even the most ardent barbershop fans.

In the end we sang for about 30 minutes and were very pleased to receive at least as much attention from the audience as was given to the other artists and bands.  This may have been simply because we were different, but post gig feedback was very positive and the organisers have asked us to sing again next year.

On behalf of MIB I would like to thank David Andrew for not distracting us by falling off the stage, David Layne for encouraging us just ‘one more time’ and the MIB ladies for their ever present support.

Next year – MIB do Cream Fields

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