Foremost Quartet In Demand

The Wayfarers Chorus based ‘Foremost’ quartet (Jeff, Garry, Ian & Pete) made two appearances last night (19 February), first singing at an independent living residence and then moving on to an open mic night, bringing a little variety to the guitar based acts.

Blackwood Court, in Woolton, hold regular social evenings, featuring dinner and entertainment. As there is insufficient space in the communal room for the whole chorus Foremost were asked if they would provide the entertainment.

Two twenty minute sets were requested, which meant somewhere between 14 and 16 songs in total. Not wishing to be left wanting, the entire repertoire was polished up and an appropriate set list chosen, focussing mainly on upbeat songs. Thanks to a really lively and engaged audience, prepared to trade banter with the quartet, the first set ended up lasting 35 minutes, with the second set taking 25.

At the end of the second set, the quartet were asked to do an encore and explain about the Wayfarers’ charity fund, towards which a donation had been made by the residents. There appears to be a desire to invite the quartet back, so either the performance was appreciated or the audience felt they hadn’t had their money’s worth.

Following the private gig at Blackwood Court, a brief appearance was made by special request at The Winchester Club in Skelmersdale, where an open mic night was being held. Three songs were chosen and performed, following which the organiser asked for a fourth! Maybe the four part harmony was well appreciated or maybe he just needed to fill another couple of minutes. Whatever the reason, the audience gave very good feedback afterwards.

All in all, a successful evening.

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