Learn Barbershop

Learn barbershop singing with the Wayfarers Chorus

If you would like to learn barbershop singing, now is your chance.  Using the tracks below, you can hear the 4 individual voice parts that make up the chords of one of the barbershop polecats.  The ‘Full Mix’ track allows you to hear what it sounds like with all four parts combined.

Listen to each of the tracks and choose the one you think best suits your vocal range, then sing along with it.  When you are comfortable singing with the individual voice part, try singing that part with the full mix.

If you are struggling to hear the individual parts on your computer, use the download links to save the file locally and then listen to it on your sound system, you will find that it plays the relevant voice part through one speaker louder than the other.

My Wild Irish Rose

Polecat Teach Track


If you have enjoyed trying the above track, why not come along to one of our practice sessions?  Contact us using the form provided and one of our members will get in touch.

We are always on the lookout for new members and you will be made welcome.  Everybody who joins comments on what a friendly group we are, maybe that has something to do with how good singing makes us feel!