Downloads to iPad/iPhone

Those of you who use Apple iPads or iPhones may have noticed that they don’t make it easy to download our teach tracks to your device, to listen to offline.

Thanks to our intrepid research team we have now worked out a (fairly) simple way for you to do so.  Just follow the steps below


  1. Buy a decent device (only joking)
  2. Instead of briefly pressing the download button, hold it down until it changes (about 2-3 seconds)
  3. When you let go a pop-up menu should appear
  4. Choose ‘Share’
  5. From the ‘Share’ options, choose ‘Email’
  6. Email the file to yourself
  7. Open the email and save the attachment

Alternatively you could buy an Android device and simply download the files with a single press!


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  • Ian Homewood

    If that doesn’t work there is an app called Downloader which will allow you to download the files by long press.

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